About Us


As a church we are involved in a wide range of activities, locally and overseas.

Working with children, families, and the elderly.  Working in schools, individuals’ homes, offering support to other charities in the town, and just being there for people when they need to speak to someone. We also support mission partners both at home and overseas, and support our wider denominations with resources.

Like all churches we receive NO money from Government or the central church. Everything we spend we have to raise from local donations, through regular members giving, and the rental from our halls.   So, we are totally dependent upon individuals responding to the call of God to support the work here at St Andrew’s.

At the time of writing we have had nearly two years of very challenging times when the receiving of regular gifts has much harder due to the closure of our buildings.  Our halls were not rented by the various community groups for long periods of time, and yet the bills still kept coming in (insurance, staff costs, maintenance) these were and remain challenging times.  We therefore are asking our members, who haven’t already set up regular transfers, to remember us and help in one of the following ways. 


Send a cheque made payable to St Andrew’s Church place in an envelope and mark it for the attention of Mr Peter Crouch c/o The Vicarage, 169 Maidstone Rd, Paddock Wood Kent TN12 6DZ


St Andrew’s has its own text message giving account on which we can receive your donations. By simply texting 70085 and typing in SAPW followed by the amount you want to give you could make a donation.

For example:

SAPW 10 to donate £10
or SAPW 20 to donate £20

The cost of the donation, plus a standard rate message, will be added to your mobile phone bill. You will receive a thank you text soon after you send the donation. This will provide an option to add Gift Aid – please do consider this as it enables us to claim a further 25% on top of your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.


If you use one of these systems you could use our BACS details to make a single payment or to set up a Standing Order to pay either a weekly or monthly amount.

Our details are:

St Andrews Paddock Wood.
Sort Code: 40 36 35
Account Number: 21111264


Send cash in an envelope and mark it for the attention of Mr Peter Crouch c/o The Vicarage, 169 Maidstone Rd, Paddock Wood Kent TN12 6DZ. 


If you are a tax payer we as a charity can claim the Gift Aid  on your donation – which will increase your gift by a further 25% at nil cost to you.

This form can be downloaded here


Whilst our Financial resources are needed to pay the bills. Out Time and Talents are also required in the life of a busy church. We rely heavily upon volunteers to play their part in helping to run groups, to meet and greet people, to provide music and worship, or to maintain and build our church, both physically and spiritually.

The Good News is that God has given everyone a talent and skill that can be put to use in the life of the church. The challenging news is that not everyone does, and that due to the current pandemic many have re-evaluated their time and priorities.

We would therefore ask you to think about how you might use your Time and the Talents, interests or giftings you have in the service of God and for the equipping of his church. For without your help, we the church will not be able to do al things. If you would like to speak with someone about how you too can help or support then do please get in touch with either Bryan or Sharon.