Scripture Union Hungary

Scripture Union is a Christian charity, inviting children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

Through a wide range of activities and initiatives, Scripture Union provides opportunities for young people to explore the Bible, respond to Jesus and grow in faith.

SU believes every child should have the chance to discover Jesus. And, with an estimated 95% of children in England and Wales not part of a church, SU is working harder than ever to take the good news of Jesus beyond the church in exciting and culturally relevant ways.

Founded in England way back in 1867, Scripture Union is now a global movement active in over 120 countries.

St Andrews Church has worked with Scripture Union in Hungary for over twenty years, providing not only prayer and financial support, but also sending members of our Church to help lead SU holiday clubs in Hungary. One of the big attractors for Hungarian parents is that their children can have the opportunity to develop English language skills with native speakers. For St Andrews, it enables members of our Church to gain experience of front-line mission work in a supportive environment.

Our mission partner is the director of SU Hungary, Tamas Daxner.

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