Our church has a formal parish link with the church in Bereko. Bereko is a village in the north of Tanzania, in the Diocese of Kondoa. Our relationship sits under the umbrella of the link between Kondoa and Rochester Dioceses.

Since 2006, St Andrew’s Paddock Wood has been building a close relationship with our church family in Bereko and we have visited on a number of occasions, We have also supported some practical projects such as building a church (also St Andrew’s) and a pastor’s house and visited a number of times to develop a close friendship.

We have now been joined by Paddock Wood Primary School, Mascalls Academy and Paddock Wood Town Council in creating and developing partnership and understanding between our communities.  Our primary school has developed a good working relationship with teacher exchanges having taken place. Within Paddock Wood, we have now established the Bereko Community Partnership which oversees this broader relationship. More information is available here: www.bereko.co.uk.