St. Andrew’s Youth are inviting young people aged 11-18 to come along to Soul Survivor festival in 2019.

We are taking a group to Soul Survivor on 23rd-27th August 2019
It is the last year that Soul Survivor is running.
Here is some information about the festival.
Soul Survivor is 5 days of camping at Peterborough East of England Showground. It brings thousands of young people together to have loads of fun with friends but also to explore their beliefs. It isn’t just for young people who go to church, it is open for everyone and we usually have an amazing time! If you haven’t heard of Soul Survivor before and want to look online at, 

On site there are café’s, skate parks, music venues and more. There are morning and evening group sessions, bands, sports activities, arts and crafts, workshops and lots of other activities. Last year there were silent discos, fancy dress parties, foam parties, football tournaments, fun runs and an open air cinema. Young people can choose what sessions they go to in the day and we will all go together to the evening celebration. As a group we will all camp in tents, cook and eat together (Bacon butties, BBQS, Hot chocolate etc.) We will travel there by car or minibus depending on numbers.

If you would like to come, there is a letter available with a slip to complete hand it in to the church office. The full cost of the trip is £150. If the cost is an issue please let us know as there is assistance available, we just need to know who needs it. We will be looking for the first deposit by the end of December 2019 as it is cheaper if we book tickets early.
You are more than welcome to invite friends along aged 11-18.

Soul Survivor 2019 letter of interest

If you have further questions, feel free to call or email.
Sarah Woodcock – St. Andrew’s Youth Worker
[email protected]