Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care? Care and support for church members and residents in the wider community of Paddock Wood through the ups and downs of life.

How is our Pastoral Care offered?

  • Through groups that meet weekly or monthly such as Open House or Home Groups or Friends Together. Find details of these groups elsewhere on our website (??links to take user straight to more info??)
  • Through the care and support offered to people following a funeral. We try always to follow up with a personal visit from a church member and on the 1st Anniversary of the death we pray for the family.
  • By praying at particular times of need. We operate a Prayerchain – on request 40+ church members receive an email message asking us to pray for someone. It might be an upcoming operation or vital tests or a situation that the person cannot see a way though. (??link to more info – how to request prayer?)
  • By regular visiting to homes and offering prayer for their needs. See more about Prayer Visiting elsewhere (?? Another link?)

Snappy ‘adverts’ in a bubble?:

New to Paddock Wood and want to meet people? Try Open House – every Friday morning September to July.

Fed up with mostly eating alone? Try Friends Together lunches – 2nd Thursday of every month.