On Sunday April 22nd at 6pm we will hold the first of this year’s Memorial Services. These services are an opportunity to remember and give thanks for the lives of the people whom we love and who have died.

Anyone who has arranged a funeral through our clergy in the past 12-18 months will receive a personal invitation, but the service (like all services at St Andrew’s) is open to anyone who would like to come.  It does not matter how long ago you lost the person you will want to remember; grief does not know any time limits.

The service will include hymns, prayers, a talk and time for quiet reflection as we remember our loved ones.  A Roll of Remembrance is read out, during which you will have the opportunity to light a candle and (if you wish) place a flower that you have brought; if you would like a name included on the Roll please contact the Church Office on 01892 837617 by Friday 20th April. However, you are most welcome just to come and remember someone privately as well. We have held these services for many years and people frequently say how helpful they find them as they come to terms with the loss of someone precious.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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