Legal Information

Due to St Andrew’s Church being both an Anglican and Methodist Church we are required undertake different legal prelimanaries in arranging a Wedding.

For a Methodist wedding you will need to fill out a banns form which give the basic information required by the presiding minister to contact you and make the preliminary arrangements required to make your day go smoothly. You will also be notified that you will be required to contact the Civil Registrar to have your banns called prior to your wedding.

For a Church of England Wedding you need first to fulfil some preliminary requirements.

  • You or your partner need to live / have lived within the parish of St Andrew’s Paddock Wood for a period of time.


  • You or your partner’s family need to have some sort of qualifying connection with St Andrew’s Church e.g. parents were married, baptised, or confirmed in the church.


  • You or your partner are on the electoral roll (membership list) of St Andrew’s.

Furthermore, the following must be noted for all Church of England weddings.

If either of you holds citizenship outside of the UK and the EU you will be required to contact the Civil Registrar to obtain a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate. Whilst a booking can be taken here at St Andrew’s before the certificate is obtained, no Wedding service can or will be conducted without it being presented to the presiding minister a week before the Wedding Day. Individuals needing to take this route will need an address of residency in the UK for 7 whole days, and to understand that such an application can take up to 70 days process. As a parish we have no control over this what so ever. There is also an additional cost per certificate of £47.00

If you hold citizenship in the UK and have grounds on which to marry at St Andrew’s (e.g you live in the parish, are on the membership roll or have a qualifying connection) then we can proceed with the calling of banns both in this parish and /or where you reside. Certificates will however be required to prove your banns have been called in another parish and presented a week before the Wedding.

All of this we can help you with to make sure you qualify, legally, to marry here. Banns Application Form below.

SECOND MARRIAGE The breakdown of marriages is a sad reality in society today. As a Church we can offer marriage of divorcees within certain circumstances. Those wishing to apply for marriage after a divorce should be aware that interviews must be held and information collected before permission to proceed is obtained.

MARRIAGE BLESSING Those who choose a Civil Marriage (in a Registry Office) can also apply to the Church for a Service of Celebration after a Civil marriage. This is similar to a Wedding but its starting point is that you are already married and we now come to call upon God for his blessing.

ANNIVERSARY We also are happy to work with you if you have a special milestone of years happily married that you wish to celebrate. This can be done on a smaller or larger scale depending on what you want.