The Diocese of Rochester is engaged in Our Conversation; Our Future to help us develop a new strategic framework. These conversations will help Bishop James and his team discern God’s will for the Diocese.

Bishop James writes: Some people recoil when strategy is mentioned, particularly in a church context.  I understand (and indeed share) this apprehension, but in the world in which we live, I think it is good and helpful to think clearly and prayerfully about how we will work for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom in our midst.  We seek to discern the will of God in all that we do, and therefore I am asking everyone in the Diocese to engage with Our Conversation; Our Future prayerfully and with an open heart.

Our Conversation; Our Future is an opportunity for us to respond to the cultural, economic and spiritual changes that society is undergoing and especially the need to develop a coherent and shared vision for mission, through evangelism and social action, that demonstrates the coming Kingdom of God in the midst of such uncertainty and flux. This is an era when many Christian people feel more isolated and less sure of how to express their faith in a hard and unyielding culture, but this is not a task each is called to alone. The Church exists to give shape, meaning and voice to Christian identity; the Diocese of Rochester helps to give regional expression to this for Anglicans.

+ James Langstaff