Holy Week is the time when the church remembers Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) and how through the  events and challenges he faces, he dies on the cross of Good Friday.  It is a time in the church where we walk with Jesus, remembering these significant and life changing events which lead not only to the cross, but most importantly to his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

They take on a new poignancy this year as we are locked down in our homes and the atmosphere is one of foreboding, similar maybe to that experienced by the disciples.  But hope came with the sunrise of Easter morning, there was light, life and love expressed in a risen Saviour.  Life had changed, the world had changed and ‘good news’ awaited any who wanted to believe.  Let’s pray this becomes the case later this year.    

The following articles, links and studies are provided for you to be able to use  through Holy Week (week beginning 5th April) and to reflect on how Jesus’ death and resurrection can today impact on your own life and journey.

HOLY WEEK Studies and Reflections

The first are Bible readings  from LIFE WORDSwhich take us through the story of God’s reaching out to the world in love to rescue us.

LSS Episode 1               LSS Episode 9             LSS Episode 10            LSS Episode 11           LSS Episode 12

In Lent we were to have the children from Paddock Wood Primary School come and EXPERIENCE EASTER through  a series of scenes taken from the Holy Week and Easter story.  The following booklet is written for Adults to EXPERIENCE EASTER and contains pictures to reflect on, studies and helps.  Why not use one each day.

Experience Easter for Adults

YOUR SORROW WILL TURN TO JOY is a series of meditations for the morning and evening of each day during Holy Week and Easter from desiringgod.  They walk us through each event, taking the reading from the bible and then offering a coment and relfection on its meaning for us today.


From Ignation spirituality the following link take you to various classical pictures which depict the Holy Week events and give some spirtitual reflections


Or finally, Holy Week and Easter readings from Bruderhof Community and various contributors, usinf Bible readings, poetry and their own relfections




Each year the actors of Wintershall, just outside Guildford, put on a Passion play that is performed in Trafalgar Square.  This year due to the lock down a recording of last year’s will be available for everyone to see online.  For further details go to the following link 

  https://www.facebook.com/Wintershallplay    or visit  https://www.wintershall.org.uk/

Or this thought provoking video as a journalist interviews Pilate




A meditation for Good Friday by Peter Hungerford-Welch.

Download here: Good Friday Reflection St. Andrews



The Churches Together in Britain and Ireland are encouraging Christian’s on Easter day to go into the street, in to be in your garden and to welcome Easter in by singing two hymn.  Jesus Christ is Risen to day and Thine be the Glory.  For more details about this visit their website https://ctbi.org.uk/sing-resurrection/

And for after the Easter Sunday experience you could link up with Spring Harvest at Home.  As many will know thousands of Christians visit Spring Harvest around Easter each year.  Sadly, this year they will not be able to, so everything has gone online and you can watch Spring Harvest from the comfort of your own armchair in the living room.  Simply click on the link below.