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Church Open for Prayer

It was announced that church buildings might reopen for Private Prayer from 15th June. St Andrew’s has been working on developing a safe environment in which we can welcome those from our community who would value the time and space to pray or reflect.

The last 12 weeks has been a ‘roller coaster’ of a ride for us all. With new lifestyle habits to adopt. Sadness and worry to contend with, and the need to isolate ourselves from those we value most.

As a Christian the promise of Jesus’ that “he is with us always” gives I hope both strength, comfort and a degree of hope that we are not on our own. But sometimes we need those tangible, familiar places and events to reassure us, and to know his presence.

From Monday 22nd June St Andrew’s opens for Individual / Private prayer on Monday – Thursday from 10.00am-12noon and Sunday from 2.00-3.00pm. Access is via the main west door of Church, and there will be two people to welcome you. If you would like to talk with them or ask them to pray with you, they will be happy to support you.

Do watch this website for further information about opening…………….