Bookings – Terms & Conditions

These buildings are a blessing to our Church and this community. The Church welcomes their responsible use by groups and individuals. The Church Council has laid down the following conditions for the benefit of all concerned. It may vary them at its discretion:

  • All bookings should be made on the form available from the Church office or this website, and should then be returned to the Church Office or sent by post.
  • At the time of booking, hirers for single events will be required to pay a deposit of £30 against possible damage or breakage. Cheques should be made payable to St. Andrew’s Church. This will be returned to you provided no breakage or damage has occurred.
  • Single hirers are expected to pay the full fee seven days before the event.

The following fees currently apply:

Winter Hall [8 x 15 metres] £14.64 per hour

Mervin Hall [9 x 8 metres] £10.16 per hour

Wallis Room [Octagonal 9 metres across] £12.56 per hour

General Notes

A member of the Church will normally be present at the start of hiring and also at the end to lock and secure the building. If there are no other people in the building when you leave, please contact the duty key holder who will come down and lock up for you.

Please ensure that you allow time to set up and pack away within the time shown on your booking form. Our key holders are all volunteers.

CCTV operates in the foyer for security purposes.

Conditions of Use

Please read carefully and retain for reference. Subject to availability, halls may be hired for meetings, parties (except on Sundays), exhibitions, uniformed organisations and educational purposes. Please note that Monday to Friday bookings should end by 10pm and Saturday bookings by 10.30pm.


St Andrew’s takes the issue of safeguarding very seriously for both children/young people and vulnerable adults. It therefore expects all organisations supporting any of these groups to have a safeguarding policy and/or to be aware of St Andrew’s own safeguarding procedures and the team who oversee this work.

Exceptions and Restrictions

  1. Sales to the general public by profit making concerns will not be permitted.
  2. Events that may generate an unacceptable level of noise, such as discos, may not take place in the halls, out of courtesy to our neighbours.
  3. Alcohol may not be sold. If alcohol is to be served as part of an entry ticket you will need to apply firstly to the Church Council for permission and, if granted, you will need to purchase a licence from the Local Authority. If alcohol is to be consumed on premises (e.g. for a quiz) you must obtain permission in writing from the Church Council at the time of booking.
  4. Jumble Sales, by charitable or voluntary organisations, may only be held in the Winter Hall.
  5. Games which could cause damage to the building, especially to ceilings, will not be permitted. Only sponge balls may be used. Bouncy castles are not permitted.
  6. In some cases limits on the number of people attending may have to be imposed.
  7. Themed parties which may offend Church members, e.g. Hallowe’en, will not be permitted.
  8. Raffles or games of chance may not offer any single prize of over £20.00.


The hire fee includes use of tables and chairs and hot water for tea/coffee making. Additional facilities, such as fridge and freezer, have to be booked in advance. Use of cooker must be pre-booked and paid for in advance. It is the responsibility of the hirer to set up chairs and tables and to put them away afterwards. In the Winter Hall tables must be stored face to face to prevent damage to the surfaces. Chairs should be stacked on the trolley provided.

Good Conduct

Users are expected to behave responsibly, to take good care of the premises, equipment and grounds and to be considerate to people in neighbouring homes.  In particular hirers should:-

  1. report to the office or church representative anything that is in need of repair at both start and end of hire.
  2. clean tables, put furniture back where you found it, remove any rubbish from the premises and wash, dry and put away utensils and crockery.
  3. prevent noise that could disturb neighbours or other hall users, and enter and leave the building quietly.
  4. you should not put any drawing pins, sticky tape or blue-tack on walls or woodwork.
  5. you must strictly supervise any games played in the grounds and be conscious that we have neighbours.
  6. you must make members or guests aware of fire doors and make sure that fire doors are kept clear. Fire doors must not be used as entrances or exits.

Cancellation or Curtailment

The Church may have to cancel if the premises are required for an election other civic purpose or important Church services or meetings. The Church also has the right to cancel or curtail a booking in the event of actual or expected evasion of conditions of use or non payment of monies due.

Repair of Damage

The hirer will be required to meet in full the cost of professional repairs to the premises, equipment or grounds that are damaged as a result of the hirer’s use of the premises.


All hirers are expected to provide insurance for their own activities.