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11th Tonbridge Scout Group

We would like to welcome your family to the 11th Tonbridge (St Andrews Paddock Wood) Scout Group. It is our aim to provide Scouting for the young in Paddock Wood. We are a strong, active Group that provides camps, activities and events for the young people of Paddock Wood. We hope that all your family will enjoy your time spent with the Group. The Group was formed in the late 1960s and comprises of two Beaver Colonies, three Cub Packs, three Scout Troops, and a District Explorer Unit (approximately 200 members in total). The Group belongs to the Tonbridge Scout District, which covers the area from Paddock Wood in the East to Leigh in the West and includes East Peckham, Hadlow and Tonbridge itself.

11th Tonbridge (Paddock Wood)

Sponsorship – St Andrew’s Church The 11th Tonbridge is an open Church Sponsored Group. This means the Scout Group and Church support each other in achieving our aims: to develop young people physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Whilst we encourage you to be part of the St Andrew’s Church community you don’t have to worship at St Andrew’s to be a member of the 11th Tonbridge.

BEAVERS   Beaver Colony meets on Thursday evening. Young people join Beavers when they are 6 years old and remain until they are 8. The Beaver motto is ‘Fun and Friends’ and our Beavers undertake a wide variety of activities. If possible we offer Beavers the chance to camp with a parent to see at first hand what happens when the older sections go to camp.

CUBS   Cub Packs meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Young people join Cubs when they are 8 years old and currently move up to Scouts just before they are 11. There are a number of awards and proficiency badges for the Cubs to achieve. The Cubs usually take part in at least one camp a year and a number of Section, Group and District activities including competitions, visits and church parades.

SCOUTS   The Scout Troops meet on Friday evening. Young people join Scouts just before they reach 11 and move up at 14 years old. Scouts work for a number of challenges and proficiency badges, with the ultimate achievement being the Chief Scout’s Gold Award.

SCOUT GROUP MANAGEMENT   The Scout Group is led by a Group Scout Leader with the support of the Group Executive Committee. This committee consists of the Group Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and parent representatives. The Committee is responsible for equipment maintenance, Group finance, public relations and fund raising for the group.

FINANCING THE GROUP   The Group is financed in two ways: by membership fees and to a lesser degree fund raising. Each member is asked to pay membership fees and this is collected termly. We run a gift aid scheme for the payment of fees, which allows the Group, as a charity, to recover the tax paid by the members’ parents or carers.

OUR MEETING PLACE  Due to its size the Group meets in a variety of locations in Paddock Wood, mostly at St Andrews or the Primary School. When you join a section you will receive more details regarding the meeting times and venues. There are a number of camps throughout the year and the opportunity to try numerous activities such as cycling, water sports, hiking, pioneering, and cooking.

EXPLORER/NETWORK SCOUTS  Once Scouts reach 14 years of age they leave the Troop and move on to the Low Weald Explorer Unit. Although a Tonbridge District Section they are based in Paddock Wood. They take the skills learned as a Scout to the next level of adventure and excitement. When the young people are 18 they move on to the Network, which is a County based organisation, and hopefully continue to be involved locally as section leaders.

LEADERS  All the leaders put in a lot of effort to run their sections. It is not just an hour or two a week. There is preparation for weekly meetings, activities to organise and to attend at weekends, and Group and section management meetings. The leaders are all volunteers and are NOT PAID for the time they give. As they are using their spare time to provide activities and opportunities for members of the Group they will often need help from you (our parents and carers).

UNIFORM  Each Section has its own uniform: Beavers wear a turquoise sweatshirt, Cubs a green sweatshirt, Scouts a teal green shirt and Explorers a beige shirt. All sections wear the Group scarf, which is royal blue with a white trim which when folded forms the cross of St Andrew at the back.

Activity trousers are also part of the uniform, a belt is available to go with the trousers but this is only compulsory uniform for Scouts and Explorers. Optional extras are: T shirts, shorts, fleeces, hats, etc. The uniform may be purchased from Barsleys in Paddock Wood or alternatively in the District Scout Shop in Tonbridge which offers discounted prices on a Saturday morning during term time.

For further details email Joanna Hillas-Smith [email protected]