Shop Opening Hours:

  • MONDAY 10.00am-12.30pm 2.30pm-4.30pm
  • TUESDAY 10.00am-12.30pm 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • WEDNESDAY 10.00am-12.30pm Closed
  • THURSDAY 10.00am-12.30pm 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • FRIDAY 10.00am-12.30pm 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • SATURDAY 10.00am-12.00pm

NOTE: The opening hours change during the Christmas and Easter holidays. The shop is closed during Holiday Club Week and in August the shop only opens on Saturday mornings. Please check.

What does the Shop Sell?shop

* Fair Trade Food – teas, coffees, biscuits, chocolate, fruit, nuts, sauces, rice, pasta etc

* Fair Trade Crafts – jewellery, bags, scarves, wooden, silver, glass, pottery, stoneware items and more.

* Christian Books – from CLC in Tonbridge (changed monthly)

* Greetings Cards – from commercial sources as well as Fair Trade cards

* Nearly New Items – ladies clothing, china, glass, toys etc

* Second-hand Books – very popular and always changing

Guest Artists

Local Artists are invited to display and sell their creations for one month at a time, with a small commission being given to the shop. See Guest Artist Page.

Christmas Event

Our Annual Fair Trade Craft Event will be held on Saturday 11th November 2017 when a huge range of fairly traded gifts, foods, Christmas cards and decorations will be on sale.

Further Information


All of the money the shop makes is given to various charities either in the third world or within the UK.


All staff are unpaid volunteers. Further volunteers (subject to interview), to cover emergencies and to increase opening hours would be welcome.

Sale or Return Service

If you are from another church: We operate a Sale or Return service for church groups, schools or other appropriate organisations. Please contact Katharine Garland via the church office for details.


As well as a huge range of volunteers the Fair Trade Shop Committee comprises:

  • Katharine Garland – Chairman
  • June Dean – Product Manager Food
  • Doreen Dixon – Secretary and Manager Nearly New goods
  • Jan Dyer – Assistant Treasurer
  • Jean Jordan – Product manager Cards
  • Pauline Murr – Manager Staffing
  • Jean Saggers – Product Manager Crafts
  • Carl Warren – Treasurer

Charities Supported in 2016:

  • Practical Action                        
  • Tools for Self Reliant                     
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship          
  • H.A.R.T.                                       
  • R.O.P.E.                                       
  • Kenwood                                         
  • Crossway                                         
  • Bridge Trust                                   
  • Fegans