St. Andrew’s Church is seen by many in the town as one of the focal points of the Paddock Wood community. Its staff and buildings are always there to help and support families and our community in the joys and celebrations of life and to offer comfort and hope in times of sadness or questioning.

Through our staff and the many volunteers we provide children’s and young person’s clubs and activities, and drop-ins for young families, the bereaved and the elderly. Our pastoral assistants visit the housebound and support individuals in hospital. We participate in supporting our schools, work with the town council and other organisations to help provide a stronger community for all those in Paddock Wood.

Sharing God’s Gifts

St. Andrew’s Church Paddock Wood is home to a vibrant community which benefits from both financial and physical support from its congregation. Those who support us by giving of their time, their tithe or their talent are able to grow and provide a fantastic resource for the whole community. To enable the church to be at the heart of the community and to increase our ability to support a wide range of people and organisations we welcome financial contributions no matter how small. All of this support is fundamental to ensuring that St. Andrew’s Paddock Wood remains at the heart of the community.


In this hectic world we live in our time has become increasingly precious, which is why it is important that we stop and make sure we use it wisely. Giving an hour or two to help and support others enables you to take a break from the day to day and grow and realise the pleasure and reward the gift of giving can bring.